Twins Pick A Pair

Budweiser Pick A Pair Six Packs Advertisements

Budweiser Pick A Pair Six Packs Advertisements

When you think of beer, what brand do you think of? These pair of old advertisement features Budweiser beer. It could be noted that Budweiser beer has the most memorable advertisement slogans.

Budweiser “Pick-a-Pair,” is an old advertisement that began in the 1950s and lasted through the 1970s. It compelled people to buy two Budweiser six-packs at a time. To start off this advertising campaign it cost $2.5 million for two months. The investment paid off – HUGE! This Budweiser advertisement is documented as one of the most successful advertisements, making Anheuser-Busch to be the premier brewer since 1957.

Budweiser Pick A Pair is available in the store.

Twins On The Bike Advertisement

Retro Twins Advertisement

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