Belonging To The Night

1977 Dodge Charger Old Advertisement

1977 Dodge Charger "The night belongs to Charger" Advertisement

When you think of a Dodge Charger, what do you see? Do you imagine a sexy red car on full speed, burning the pavement? Does this advertisement keep one eye open with an eyebrow up? How you have visualized of the Dodge Charger, may not be what you see here in this old advertisement.

This old advertisement features a 1977 Dodge Charger with the standard 318 V8. It reads ”The Night Belongs To Charger”. To some finding it may come off as a surprise. It is not common knowledge that the Charger was still around. After all by 1978, sales were dead in the water.

Advertisements for the Dodge Charger took a hiatus. However, its legend lived on and refused to give up. Today the Dodge Charger sedans and R/T concept cars are around today based on the ideas made back in the 70s.

This advertisement is available through the store. Click on the link below.

1977 Dodge Charger Advertisement

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