1978 Harley Davidson SX-250 Motorcycle "Treads"

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An original 1978 advertisement article print of a sexy blonde ready for a night out on this Harley Davidson SX-250. With eyes of wonderment, she stands next to black motorcycle, waiting for the man to respond.

"Rumor has it that if you sit on a Harley SX-250 long enough, it will turn into a Sportster. The night rider's baby brother is made in Italy and costs $1095"

-A vintage 1978 Harley Davidson SX-250 motorcycle promotional advertisement
-Measures: 8" x 11", original size
-Does not include frame and mat

This print was carefully removed from the magazine and is in very good condition. Page is crisp and bright. Original from the magazine and not a copy! Ready for matting and framing.