1980 Stir Crazy Movie Ad "Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor"

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1980 advertisement for Stir Crazy, the comedy hit movie featuring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. What do you get when you place these two together in the same room? Uncontrollable laughter with tears in your eyes.

"Only these two pigeons could dress up as woodpeckers"

Just what you need for your entertainment room. Frame and display! Can you hear Richard's famous line?

"Thats right, thats right we baaaad.....".

-A vintage 1980 comedy movie promotional advertisement
-Measures: 8" x 11", original size
-Does not include frame and mat

This print was carefully removed from the magazine and is in very good condition. Page is crisp and bright. Original from the magazine and not a copy! Ready for matting and framing.